Restorative Procedures

Tooth Coloured Fillings

The most cost effective method of restoring a decayed or broken tooth is with composite resin filling material. The filling materials are usually set by blue ultraviolet light. The latest resins are very strong and are shaded to match the exact colour of the tooth. Traditional Amalgam fillings that contain harmful mercury are not used in any of our treatments. Composite fillings are a much better alternative to silver amalgam fillings because they are non toxic and the final result is a virtually invisible restoration. We strongly advocate replacement of all amalgam fillings especially on allergy prone and medically compromised people.

Removal of unsightly amalgam fillings is one quick way in helping towards an all white smile and at the same time reducing the stress on your bodies immune system to mercury toxicity. Many of our patients who are undergoing a dental makeover on their front teeth choose at the same time to have their unsightly dark silver fillings replaced with porcelain inlays so as to provide a total cosmetic improvement.

A more advanced way of restoring damaged teeth especially those with existing cavities is with the use of porcelain inlays. Inlays are fillings that are custom made in the laboratory and are cemented into place. Porcelain inlays although more expensive than composite resins provide a stronger more durable and long term solution and should be considered as the treatment of choice in any long term dental makeover.



If you are unfortunate enough to have lost some or all of your teeth the most cost effective solution for their replacement is with the provision of removable dentures. These can be provided in full or partial forms depending on the degree of tooth loss. We provide the very best quality high impact resistant acrylic dentures with Swiss composite resin teeth in an extensive array of shades and sizes.

At The Dental Centre patients who have suffered for years from loose uncomfortable dentures can visit us to have an assessment for implant-retained ones. This is one of the greatest breakthroughs in dental technology in the last decade and has improved the grip and security to many denture wearers who had given up with their teeth. Have your dentures firmly anchored by the placement of just a couple of implants and see the difference it makes to your smile