Our Dental Services & Information - The Dental Centre Cayman
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We provide a dental service for all the family from routine six monthly check ups and cleaning to the most advanced surgical and restorative dental procedure.

In offering comprehensive dental care we consider function as well as aesthetics as your teeth must not only look great but must function well in order to help optimize your general health. For good oral health, it is of paramount importance to consider not only the teeth but the health of the supporting gum and tooth (periodontal) tissues.

The successful outcome of any dental treatment depends greatly on our ability to maintain optimum levels of oral hygiene. Any complex dental makeover or implant procedure should start in a healthy disease free mouth.

All dental treatments should start with healthy gum and periodontal tissues. We offer the latest methods of plaque control and removal of dental tartar and staining. The bacteria present in dental plaque and tartar release acids responsible for the initiation of dental caries.

Chemical toxins also produced by these bacteria can if left unchecked lead to bleeding and inflamed gums a condition often referred to as gingivitis. If this situation is left uncontrolled then bone loss and damage to the ligament supporting the teeth can result; a condition often referred to as periodontitis. Once the bone has been lost around the teeth it is difficult if not impossible to regenerate. Our treatments aim at eliminating the bacteria and calcified deposits of tartar found around the teeth that give rise to gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Where indicated ultrasonic cleaning and root planning techniques can be carried out under local anesthetic for added patient comfort.

In our advanced periodontal procedures, we aim at charting and monitoring the amount of bone loss and pocket depths around the teeth. This helps us to establish a baseline in order to measure future improvement and motivate our patients.

Of all the areas of dentistry, successful elimination of gum and periodontal disease lies to a large degree in the hands of the patient.

Success at all times is dependant on achieving optimum levels of oral hygiene and plaque control at home between dental visits. It is the responsibility of the dentist and dental hygienist to treat, motivate and educate our patients in fighting periodontal disease, however, the ultimate outcome lies predominantly in the hands of the patient.