Testimonials - The Dental Centre Cayman
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Holly attended The Dental Centre concerned about her unsightly upper front teeth. Initial examination revealed severe overcrowding of her upper left lateral incisor together with a badly crowned right lateral incisor. Gum shrinkage around the crown revealed an unsightly dark margin so often in old crowns fitted with a metal stub instead of a modern Zirconium structure. Treatment was undertaken in several phases. Removal of dark amalgam fillings replaced with the latest quartz type and a Zoom 2 whitening session. Zirconium crowns replaced the old ones resulting in a natural life like smile and appearance.


Diana had a badly chipped and crossed upper left central incisor and severely overcrowded lower teeth. Diana was quite apprehensive of having her teeth corrected as she couldn’t visualise the final outcome. At the initial consultation our laboratory made a model of her teeth taken from an impression. Diana eventually had four Zirconium crowns on her lower teeth and one on the upper incisor. We effectively produced a symmetrical and natural smile which only took two visits in the space of one week.


Jeane’s smile was rapidly becoming an embarrassment after damaging her teeth in an accident. Impressions were made of her chipped upper right incisors and sent to the laboratory where a model was produced to show the final effect. Plastic temporary crowns were fitted to protect and restore function and aesthetics until the Zirconium crowns were cemented in a week later. Jeane has regained her youthful smile and the memory of the accident has thankfully faded.

If you are a new patient at The Dental Centre, we are delighted that you have selected our practice to research your dental care.

Some medical conditions and medicines used to treat them, can effect dental treatment; so please contact us before you consider any dental service.