Dental Implants Cayman Islands - The Dental Centre Cayman
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Dental Implants

A dental implant is simply a small titanium post that is inserted surgically below the gum at the location of a missing tooth. The implant replaces the root of the missing tooth.

Over a period of months the surrounding bone bonds to the implant and forms a secure foundation on to which crowns, bridges or even a full denture can be attached. The number of missing teeth determines the kind of restoration that will ultimately be provided.

Dental implants individually supporting a single crown are the closest thing available when it comes to replacing a natural tooth. Implants are strong, stable, durable and virtually impossible to detect when covered by the final restoration.
Not all people are suitable for implants. Implants can be considered as artificial tooth roots and like natural teeth they must be cared for with the greatest of respect.

Scrupulous oral hygiene measures must be maintained in combination with regular visits to dentist and hygienist for inspection and cleaning.
Implants, therefore should only be considered as an alternative in motivated patients and in healthy mouths free of periodontal disease and where there is sufficient bone left for placement.

The Dental Centre utilise only the very best Swiss and American implant systems together with the latest CT scanning technology to assess the best location for their placement. Most Implants are easily placed with little patient discomfort when in the hand of an experienced dental surgeon.